ETHICS 170574 : MCLE - 6.00 HOURS (1.0 ETHICS)

The Ethical Lawyer and how to stay that way 

Ethics and the Law: Best Practices for Attorneys

Individual Rate: $299 

Additional Registrant: $249

Paralegal: $199

Educator: $149

Student: $50

Overview of the Program

MALPRACTICE: one of the scariest words in any attorney’s life. Ethics violations can lead to a number of difficult, and potentially costly, situations for an attorney and for law firms. Ethics violations can be avoided via the use of a clear understanding of rules, policies and potentially troublesome situations.

With this program, participants will:

  • Learn to protect themselves from the possible problems that can emerge from ethics violations, 
  • Become acquainted with sources of rules and guidance relating to ethics issues, both at the state and national levels, 
  • Consider how interactions with clients and potential clients should be handled so as to avoid potential ethics violations, 
  • Analyze the components of a valid, ethical fee agreement, 
  • Consider the critical role of communication in the attorney/client relationship, 
  • Learn how to manage cases from beginning to end to avoid ethics violations, 
  • Recognize how support staff can implicate an attorney or a firm in an ethics violation, 
  • Look at real life ethical problems that attorneys have faced, and
  • Understand what to do if you believe an ethics violation may have occurred in your office.